Bhutan FAB23 Bhutan

FAB23 Bhutan

Designing Resilient Futures

Join the international conference for
makers, educators, and innovators
whose goal is to provide vital
transformation for the future.

July 16-28, 2023 | Thimphu, Bt



Let's explore together potential applications with local and global knowledge to address some of the Kingdom's biggest challenges. View the track types below to decide which one suits you best!

Economic Opportunity

Explore local responses to regenerative ways of living, and support the digital transformation in Bhutan.

Technology (R&D)

Help bridge the digital divide in as many communities as possible.

Innovation, Sustainability & Community

Envision, with the international community's support, real applicability in different sectors.

Youth & Education

Encourage youth to approach digital fabrication first and educate the community on best practices.



16 Sun
  • Fab Bhutan Challenges: Kickoff
17 Mon
  • Travel to FabLab sites
18 Tue
  • Challenge: Working Day 1
19 Wed
  • Challenge: Working Day 2
20 Thur
  • Challenge: Working Day 3
21 Fri
  • Challenge: Working Day 4
22 Sat
  • FAB23: Arrivals, Altitude Acclimation
  • Travel to Thimphu and set up showcase
  • No activities this day
23 Sun
  • Fab Festival Thimphu
  • Open Day to the Public
  • Challenge Showcase
24 Mon
  • FAB23 kickoff Ceremonial day
  • Technology Track
  • Workshop/Activities
  • Graduations
  • Welcome Reception
25 Tue
  • Youth & Education Track
  • Symposium/Panels
  • Workshop/Activities
26 Wed
  • Innovation, Sustainability & Community Track
  • Symposium/Panels
  • Workshop/Activities
27 Thur
  • Economy Track
  • Workshop/Activities
  • Symposium/Panels
28 Fri
  • Fab City Summit
  • Cities Pledge
  • Closing Recption

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Designing Resilient Futures

The thematic focus in Bhutan aims to act as a catalyst, providing a platform to foster connections and partnerships to shape the future.

Get Your Ticket!

For international visitors

$USD 730

Ticket includes: Visa processing*, Fab Bhutan challenge accommodation and participation, access to all program content, materials for participation, coffee breaks and lunch meals.

*Exempt countries: India, Bangladesh, and the Maldives. Please contact us to get a special ticket price.

For Local visitors, full or day tickets

Nu 5000 / 1500

Ticket includes: Fab Bhutan challenge accommodation and participation, access to all program content, materials for participation, coffee breaks and lunch meals.


Aakash Verma


This event has brought me new perspectives on what designers and inventors are developing around technology.

Azniv Hovhannisyan

Science Laboratory Technician

It helped me to get involved with other Fab Labs around the world and develop new ideas.

Jeff Gelbard


This event helped me meet other people around the world with similar challenges and learn from their successes.

Arnauld Nedati


It’s a great way to keep up with latest educational innovations around the Fab Lab Community.

Jimena Califa


I've been to other Fab events previously and always found them really inspirational and have empowered me to make things happen.

Arundhati Jadhav

Education Developer

It helped me connect to the global network, learn through hands-on workshops, and develop transformational ideas that I have been implementing in my every day life.

Verônica Natividade


This event is an excellent opportunity to learn about multiple experiences and to exchange ideas.

Madeline Pelz


Through this type of event I was able to incorporate maker technology and hands-on learning in K-12 education. I have been to other editions of this event and I’m always excited to learn more about the potential for increased access to digital fabrication across the world and the innovations that could inspire.

Raquel Borrega

Industrial Designer

I really like joining this type of events. They always help me to engage with and obtain more knowledge about the way Fab Lab activities and communities can impact such times as the present ones, as well as help pointing righteous and exciting windows for the future.

Nanda Gurung


Helped me understand and get exposure to different digital fabrication technology and innovation. During this event collaboration is the way to go!

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