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We are so excited to see you here! Every year, we open this platform as a way for you to showcase your latest work to the community in various formats. Propose an activity to be presented between July 24 and 27.

If you already know the drill, go ahead and fill in the form below!
DISCLAIMER: Remember to download and re-upload your material list.

Call for applications ends April, 30

NEW to this experience? Please read the following carefully to understand the various format types for which you can propose content.


  • Hands-on Workshop: You will have the opportunity to lead an interactive session where participants can learn by doing. You will be responsible for developing the content and structure of the workshop, and we will provide any necessary materials or equipment for participants. This is a chance to share your knowledge and skills with a diverse community of makers and innovators from around the world. Get ready to inspire and empower others to learn and create!
  • Theoretical Workshop: As a producer, you have the chance to propose a topic of interest that addresses a challenge faced by the community. Theoretical workshops are designed to encourage participants to share their ideas, experiences, and knowledge, in order to generate new perspectives and innovative solutions. By producing a theoretical workshop, you have the opportunity to create a space for exchanging ideas and connecting with like-minded individuals in the community.
  • Talk: Have a unique perspective, experience, or knowledge? Share it with the community, and create future connections to explore your chosen topic further. Your proposal should be clear and concise, while explaining the value of your talk to the conference attendees.
  • Panel: This is a combination of short presentations followed by a moderated discussion and Q&A with the audience. Consider inviting a diverse group of panelists with different backgrounds and perspectives to encourage a lively and thought-provoking conversation. Keep in mind that the panel should be informative, engaging, and offer fresh insights to the community.
  • Working Groups: Lead a space for projects that involve numerous people within the community—from learning programs under the Academany ecosystem to networks and projects. This is a chance to meet in person and discuss the roadmap for the coming year. The goal of these groups is to encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration and knowledge-sharing among participants with different backgrounds and expertise.

We encourage you to align your proposal with this year's theme: “Designing Resilient Futures.” And consider how your content can address the international and local needs of the Bhutanese community.

Don't miss this opportunity to be part of an unforgettable event and make an impact. Submit your proposal today, and join us for an inspiring and innovative experience.

If you want to submit a Hands-on workshop, please download and fill out the materials list first, and upload the completed list when filling out the form.

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